TCi TIPS Mobile App

Tire Ordering at Your Fingertips!

What Is TIPS?

TIPS is a password protected, online inventory and purchasing website for independent tire dealers.

The new TIPS mobile app features simple, yet critical functionality to take the convenience and security of the TIPS online ordering website, with you, whenever you are on the go!

The TIPS mobile app allows dealers to search, add items to a shopping cart, Checkout, view entire Order History, Contact TCi and provide Feedback.


Benefits of Using TIPS

Improvement in profit margin management.

Minimized operational costs with improved employee efficiencies.

TIPS Features

The APP makes it easy to search for products by part number or by tire size.

A Quick quote feature allows you to quickly quote YOUR customer, out-the-door pricing on any product or set of products they are interested in buying.

"The TCi TIPS app is extremely helpful… I can not only look up prices online, but, I can check availability, and even order within seconds!!! It is extremely helpful when on the go or when you’re out and have someone asking about a tire - you can look up the tire and give an answer instead of waiting to call them the next day or hoping they call you. Love it!"

–Darren Holland, Tire & Muffler USA

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